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Welcome to the Bridge cameras page, where you can buy a Bridge DSLR at a very cheap price as we are focused on finding the very cheapest prices.

So the lowest prices online for a Bridge DSLR are as follows:

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Why Buy a Bridge DSLR Camera?

There are many reasons to buy a Bridge online and one of the best is the low prices, online sellers have much lower costs and so can sell a Bridge for a much lower price.

This model Nikon is a great choice for a first DSLR camera with its great price


Best Deals On Dslr Cameras


What is a Bridge Camera?

A bridge camera is similar in appearance to a DSLR; the bridge camera bridges the gap between the DSLR and digital compact. The main differences between the bridge camera and the DSLR can be summed up as follows, a bridge camera, usually:

  • Has one fixed lens, probably a zoom.
  • The lens zoom can be very powerful indeed.
  • The lens can be retractable, making the ‘bridge’ more compact than the DSLR
  • They employ a digital and not an optical viewfinder.

Bridge cameras have most, if not all, of the features found on DSLR’s; close-up, aperture, shutter control, ISO control, program modes etc. Technological advances have ensured the bridge camera’s popularity; superb features and high quality results from a relatively budget box of tricks.

The major selling point has to be the bridge camera’s compactness and awesome DSLR-like features.

Let’s adjourn to our top ten bridge cameras.


Unlike the DSLR there are more big hitters in the bridge camera market. More competition, more choice and who knows, lower prices.



A very classy act; feels good, looks good and by heck produces incredible results. The beautifully sharp LCD viewing screen is simply delightful, it accurately displays the sharp, crystal clear images that this camera is capable of taking. Plenty of pixels, a resolution of 16.1 megapixels and an impressive 65 x optical zoom. A lot of quality for not a lot of dosh.

Highly recommended.





Panasonic really do make incredible products, their cameras are really no exception; beautifully crafted whilst endorsing all the latest technology. The DMC-FZ72, a snappy titles, is pure quality. It has an ultra-wide angle 60 X lens with, would you believe … Full-HD video with clear sound featuring wind shield zoom microphone; WOW!

Hmm, well suffice to say the whole Panasonic Lumix range is recognised, quite rightly, as one of the major market brands.




3. FUJI S8650

Fuji really are big part players in the bridge camera arena. Their products are well designed and competitively priced. The Fuji S8650 is a classic example; sporting a respectable 16 megapixel sensor and 36x optical zoom. What’s more it contains many useful features such as face detection, manual focus and optical image stabilisation, to name but a few.

There’s a lot to get excited about here; the camera, for a bridge, is very compact, light and very easy to operate.

Furthermore it’s available in black, red and white … funky!




Nikon are not to outdone by the likes of Fuji! Their Nikon Coolpix B500 comes with a classy red finish. I’ve since discovered there’s also a plum coloured option. Has the world gone mad!

Well just settle down, it is also available in the more traditional version of reassuring black.

Nikon’s famous Coolpix range always deliver; the B500 boasts 16 megapixels and a 40x optical zoom with an effective picture stabilisation feature. As always you’re guaranteed sharp images from this high quality Nikon zoom lens.




Let’s now welcome Olympus into our fold. The Olympus SP-620UZ, very snappy title, is a typical Olympus quality addition to the bridge camera range.

The camera has a slightly different twist in that it has a 21x wide optical zoom, aka UZ for Ultra Zoom.

It’s this wide feature that is so useful; get more of that glorious Cornish skyline and sneak Uncle Sid into the wedding photo as he stands swaying, with glass in hand, towards the edge of that all-important family group.

As always with digital products the specifications would take longer to list than a re-write of War and Peace; suffice to say it’s a very slim, compact and impressive bit of kit. Other models are available in the SP range, usually in black or silver finish.


[amazon bestseller=”olympus sp-620uz” count=”2″]

6. NIKON P900

The Nikon P900 is a powerful tool indeed wading in with an absolutely gob smacking 83x optical zoom! Add the digital zoom options and you can times that 83 by four. Surely this means it should be listed as a telescope?

OK, fair to say that this beast may just stretch your budget closer to the limit; but then this is a phenomenal creature indeed.

Boy, where to start, well the zoom is not only big it also provides a bright image right up to its longest distance. Images really are crystal clear, sharp and vibrant. An ideal lens for capturing wildlife, and the odd neighbour or two.

Further to that the auto focus is high speed and extremely accurate.The camera’s functions are numerous, including an inbuilt microphone with its own zoom feature!



Samsung is a huge South Korean electronics company renowned for producing high quality precision electronic products, including cameras. The Samsung bridge camera range is typified by the WB2200F; innovative and affordable.

The camera upon first sight appear bulkier than most others, this is because it has a dual-grip system with controls on top and on the bottom; makes portrait framing so much easier.

The Samsung also has a whacking 60x zoom and a 16.4 megapixel sensor.

It’s a smart bag of tricks including Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC pairing. Full HD video with stereo sound help make this a well-rounded ergonomic delight.

Rumour has it that the model will soon be available with a matching fridge and toaster … probably just a rumour.



It’s about time we featured Kodak, probably the most famous brand in camera history. Well truthfully, Kodak slipped quite a way behind when digital started to gnaw into their traditional camera sales. However Kodak are by no means out of the picture, their bridge cameras are among some of the best.

The Kodak AZ421 is part of Kodak’s Astro Zoom Bridge Camera range; it has a healthy 42x zoom and a 16 megapixel sensor. The camera is compact and definitely one of the more budget bridge cameras around.

Don’t be fooled by the price tag, the camera has a quality zoom lens and a host of other feature including the ability to auto focus on a moving subject. The Kodak has all the control you’d find on its more expensive siblings and rivals.

Viva Kodak!



The Panasonic FZ330EBK may only have 12.1 megapixels, but every single pixel must be coated in magic pixie dust; the images from this, and virtually all Panasonic cameras are always crisp and vibrant.
No doubt you would expect this from a company that prides itself on the production of quality imaging products.

The lens will focus down to one centimetre; that’s macro! The FZ330EBK will even give fabulous picture quality in low light conditions, more pixie dust I suspect.

The camera’s panoramic mode is most creative and fun to use, beware it can become addictive! Another great feature is the ability to shoot at twelve frames per second; you just gotta get one photo that’s right!

Panasonic, not the cheapest option but rest assured you’ll get more than you paid for.



The Canon SX540 HS bridge camera is yet another impressive offering in the PowerShot range. This camera has a wide 50x zoom lens, just great for virtually all occasions. Plenty of pixels to use, 21.1 megapixels to be precise; I know, just finished counting them!

The Canon SX540 is beautifully sculptured, it is well balanced and ergonomic, an absolute pleasure to operate.

The lens is impressive, crisp auto focussing with a useful subject tracking option. The whole package is designed for beginners and the more advanced photographers, easy to use with all the fiddly bits to satisfy the most intense of connoisseur among us.



It sports a nice 36.3-megapixel sensor that is detailed and precise and gives outstanding image quality. The next brand is the Nikon D810 by Nikon; this spectacular camera has a continuous shooting speed of 5fps and it can shoot movies in 1080P resolution. The camera lens is at 36.3MP, with a full-frame CMOS sensor. The spectacular camera has all the features of a professional camera.

We have specific pages for the different types of Bridge that you can buy online: