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Cleaning and Caring

MOST USEFUL DSLR ACCESSORIES … cleaning equipment, care & common sense

A mischievous guide by Antoine De Bent

Well, common sense should immediately disqualify me as an expert in this particular field; I have over 30 years’ experience within the photo industry, I know all the pitfalls, all the things not to do, all the things that others, more qualified, have decreed as improper, inappropriate or simply dumb arse.

Care of my equipment, that’s camera equipment; really is a subject that I can speak upon with much authority. I know how to care for cameras, I know how to care for others; my fourth wife will no doubt vouch for me, wherever she is.

The truth is, I’ve lost more camera equipment, through disrespect and lack of attention, than I’ve lost women; although, in all fairness, I don’t think you can lose camera equipment due to impotence! … Enough of my personal problems, let’s move on.

Bestseller No. 1
Zacro Professional 14-in-1 Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Digital SLR Cameras Canon Rebel EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Sony Alpha NEX, iPad,Samsung NX & Fuji DSLR
  • Keep your camera clean and in pristine condition
  • Lens cleaning pen on two sides. Empty Reusable Fluid Spray Bottle is without cleaning fluid.
  • All-round cleaning tool:14 in 1 to meet your needs in every respect
  • Air blower is perfect for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements
  • APS-C sensor cleaning swab designed for standard APS-C Camera sensor
Bestseller No. 2
Professional Camera Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony) including 1 Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen / 1 Bottle of Alcohol Free Optical Lens Cleaning Fluid / 1 Booklet of 50 Sheets Lens Cleaning Tissue / 1 Lens Brush / 1 Air Blower / 5 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (with cleaning fluid)
  • A COMPREHENSIVE KIT FOR CLEANING YOUR DSLR CAMERA: This kit includes a variety of cleaning tools to make sure that your DSLR is always spotless and fully functional.
  • AIR BLOWER FOR REMOVING DUST DIRT: The air blower will direct a stream of air to blow away dirt and dust from your lenses or camera sensor.
  • RE-USABLE SPRAY BOTTLE WITH CLEANING FLUID: The spray bottle is filled with alcohol-free cleaning solution. Once you have used up all of the liquid, you can refill the bottle with the cleaning solution of your choice.
  • MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS AND LENS TISSUES: Both of these items can be used to gently remove dust and dirt from your lens.
  • DOUBLE SIDED LENS CLEANING PEN - TWO CLEANING OPTIONS IN ONE: This tool features a dust removal brush on one side and a special non-liquid cleaning element on the other side which is designed to never dry out.
Bestseller No. 3
Phot-R Professional Lens & Camera Cleaning Kit
  • Professional Lens Cleaning Kit for lenses & Filters, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Leica etc
  • Highly Efficient Cleaning System, 3 in 1 package including Air Blower, Brush and Micro Fibre lens cloth.
  • Safe for all optical lenses, including multicoated surfaces
Bestseller No. 4
Camera Cleaning Kit for Optical Lens and Digital SLR Cameras including 1 Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen / 1 Empty Reusable Spray Bottle / 1 Lens Brush / 1 Air Blower / 4 Premium Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Compatible with Most Cameras including Canon Rebel EOS, Nikon, Olympus, Sony Alpha NEX, Samsung NX & Fuji DSLR
  • Great tools for keeping your camera clean and in pristine condition.
  • Double sided lens cleaning pen features a dust removal brush on one side and a special non-liquid cleaning element on the other side which is designed to never dry out.
  • Reusable spray bottle arrives empty, simply fill it with your favourite cleaning solution.
  • Air blower is perfect for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements.
  • With Camkix retail packaging and one year guarantee.
Bestseller No. 5
XCSOURCE 10pcs Dry CCD Swab APS-C Frame Cleaning Kit DDR-15 for DSLR CCD CMOS Cameras SLR DC580
  • Professional cleaning for all kind of APS-C frame sensor CCD/CMOS (sensor width¡Ü16mm) and high quality lens & UV lens & Filter, etc.
  • Can also used to clean mobile phone screen & optical lens & the edge of computer monitor & keyboard & the seam of glasses, etc.
  • Superfine microfiber swab head which is safe and reliable to clean CCD/CMOS.
  • 100 class CLEANROOM vacuum packing. Avoid pollution during transportation and storage.
  • This product has passed the test of SGS.

Here are a few camera-care and lens cleaning products to consider:



I’ve actually used this specific product! Bought these (Ex-Pro) cloths from Amazon, a couple of years ago. They really are incredibly good! Used them for my camera lenses, spectacles and, computer screen.

One of the few multipurpose materials I’d recommend; buy this one, simply because it’s good, inexpensive and blue!




Bestseller No. 1
Lint Free Microfibre Exel Super Magic Cleaning Cloths For Polishing, Washing, Waxing And Dusting. Cleaning Accessories, Blue (Pack of 10)
  • Brand new 10 Pack of Exel Branded Premium Magic Cleaning Cloths
  • Can be washed time and time again and not lose quality. XL SIZE 40 x 40CM
  • These are Premium Quality Cloths unlike many other cheap Microfibre, we guarantee you contract quality.
  • Each cloth is individually branded Exel, a leading Microfibre manufacturer.
  • Can be used at the office, home, work place and even for industrial or professional uses. As these tiny microfibres work hard for you collecting dirt from any surface
Bestseller No. 2
AmazonBasics Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Pack of 24
  • Ultra soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch paints, coats or other surfaces
  • Cleans with or without chemical cleaners, leaves lint and streak free results
  • Absorbs eight times its own weight
  • Pack comes with three different towel colors (blue, orange, and white)
  • Rinse and reuse 100's of times


The particular brush, pictured left, is made from goats’ hair, highly rated and efficient but … does it smell of goat I wonder? My second wife did; but then she ran off with the local goat herder, never to be seen again. I’m sorry, I digress. Brushes, such as this one, from MATin, are well worth the few quid they actually cost; there are many other animal and synthetic hair products available.

Furthermore, some cleaning brushes also incorporate a cunningly designed rubbery-type tip, made of a non-abrasive material and virtually guaranteed to make those smears disappear without a streaky trace. Product shown, right, is a Hama lens pen-style brush, complete with pocket clip and the magic rubbery tip.


Well doesn’t this look beyond ridiculous! A rocket-shaped air-expeller. What’s even funnier is that this sad, poor, replication of a supersonic, high tech missile is actually very efficient at blasting away dust and dirt form all types of surfaces; lenses, camera interiors and screens.

What’s more, if you get your angles right, you can bounce it on to the floor and catch it on the rebound; that impressed my third wife-to-be … in fact that really was all that ever impressed her about me.

Get one of these, a blast of air is probably the least abrasive way to get rid of dust. However don’t, ever, bounce it on the floor, you could end up engaged, or, worse still, married! Learn from the shipwrecks of others.

Bestseller No. 1
Anti-Static Camera Photo Video Cleaning Clean Air Dust Blower Brush
  • Tactile, ultra-fine, soft hair brush with a rubber bulb to keep your expensive Camcorder dust free
  • Concentrated air jet allows for maximum dust removal
  • Water resistant and durable to provide years of use
  • Great for cleaning lenses and components
  • Valve system provides optimum, non-polluting blowing effect, essential for any serious photographer
Bestseller No. 2
Phot-R Professional Lens & Camera Cleaning Kit
  • Professional Lens Cleaning Kit for lenses & Filters, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Leica etc
  • Highly Efficient Cleaning System, 3 in 1 package including Air Blower, Brush and Micro Fibre lens cloth.
  • Safe for all optical lenses, including multicoated surfaces

For a more ‘aggressive’ air blast there’s always;


When I had my photo processing business we got through an extraordinary amount of compressed air canisters.

The reason being, I discovered, was that one our more exuberant staff, Steve, had come up with several ways of creating missile systems; missile systems capable of propelling obscure objects fuelled by a can of compressed air; my compressed air! Especially efficient was his clever design that could fire an empty film pot about 100 yards.

After my attempt at propelling him a 100 yards, the antics stopped.

Yes, compressed air is an efficient dust blaster. Some also find it great fun to use. The red canister, above, is a typical example, from Rybond, of the can style. It really is great for scattering dust from cameras and computer; you can probably think of a whole list of other uses … Steve certainly could.

See below for some great deals on compressed air:

No products for "Compressed air" found.


I have a very well educated friend, (I think he went to a nursery in Oxford); he is, quite frankly, a know-it-all, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing; and what he does knows is, I’ve concluded, made up.

However, several years ago he gave me a useful tip; a tip based upon light refraction determinable interfaces and frictional retraction, as was so brilliantly explained in the renowned toilet paper article written by, his close friend, Einstein … that’s Cynthia Einstein.

She, accurately, proclaimed that a well-worn, well washed handkerchief, preferably made from cotton, was as good a lens cleaning material that has ever existed; Cynthia was right!

Yes, the old handkerchief really is good at cleaning, and not scratching, lenses. Although, personally, I’d still only use as a last resort.

I’d never be 100% sure that I hadn’t used the hankie for its original intended purpose! … Nuff said.


Using a lens cleaning spray with a micro-fibre cloth is a very efficient combination for giving that lens or screen a thorough, nonabrasive, clean.

There are several options and combos available including this one, the Camkix Lens and Screen Cleaning Kit; comes with three sprays and micro-fibre cloths for under a tenner.

Read product descriptions and reviews carefully, just to satisfy yourself that you’re not buying paint stripper!

A must have cleaner for photographers and computer buffs alike; no, not the paint stripper.

No products for "lens cleaning fluid" found.


Lens tissues are now, perhaps, somewhat out of vogue; something of the past, an outdated remnant from the dark ages of film photography.

Lens tissues are little squares of tissues that are used once and, binned! The little, quiet, unassuming tissue does its job without a fuss nor need for celebrity.

Tissues generally come in very inexpensive blocks of maybe 50. Each, optimistic, willing square is only used the once; life can be so harsh. On a more positive note, this means, there’s very low risk of contamination from the grime or grit collected from previous usage.

What cleaning cloth or brush can make that claim?

Who’s laughing now! Tissues may not be as popular as they were, but their low risk cleaning properties make them a first choice cleaning aid for the wise and poor.

Above product is by Neweer, a package of tissues, to last a lifetime, for around £6; they even throw in a micro-fibre cloth … I ask you, really, who wants them anymore!

No products for "lens tissues" found.

I’m sure the industry will re-invent the humble tissue soon (because it’s worth it); my advice is to ‘glamorise and repackage’, make it sound as sweet, and as desirable, as a garden pea.

There are, and will always be, reinventions of the wheel; I’ve tried nearly every photo cleaning product known to mankind, and I’ll be honest, most of them work, although the Brillo Pad … disappointing.

There are gels you can apply and then peel from your optics, they work, but honestly, what a palaver!

Use whatever works for you, a brush, a spray, a tissue … you do the joke.