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Welcome to the Tripods, where you can buy a Tripods at a very cheap price as we are focused on finding the very cheapest prices.

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Why Buy a Tripods?

There are many reasons to buy a Tripods online and one of the best is the low prices, online sellers have much lower costs and so can sell a Tripods for a much lower price.

It should come as no surprise that out list was topped by the almighty Canon which indeed did cannon its way through the top tiers ever since it was founded back in 1937. The Canon EOS line is rated to be the best series of digital SLR cameras ever invented, and the satisfaction it gives you as a photographer is not something many others can come close to.


Best Dslr For Low Light



(Including monopods, GorillaPods and other miscellaneous stabilisers)

A mischievous guide by Antoine De Bent

There really are some wonderfully useful and entertaining camera accessories available, from filters and flash guns to tripods and tree-clamps. Not all accessories are useful, but then that’s a matter of opinion; here’s our current top few:

  • THE TRIPOD, one of the most beneficial, underestimated, underused accessory of all time! In photographic terms, better than sliced bread.

A tripod allows you to:

  • Take photos in low light conditions
  • Steady the camera for close-up photography
  • Use your camera with timer or remote modes
  • Command an advantageous shooting position

A tripod lets you demonstrate your expertise by allowing effective use of slow shutter speeds in low light conditions, or in order to create certain desired effects.

Furthermore, assuming you have a suitable lens, a tripod is an essential for close-up photography; insects, flora, fauna and just sheer fun.

Without a trusted tripod those shots of all the family, including you, are almost impossible. So are your chances of capturing an award winning photo of that very rare Lesser-Spotted Sparrow that occasionally feeds at your bird table; OK you’ll need a remote release system and a modicum of good fortune, plus … Photoshop to make those spots stand out!

A tripod identifies YOU as the photographer! The uninitiated will stand back in awe, giving you all the space and best shooting positions. There are many, many good tripods on the market but none as beloved nor renowned as the legendary, Italian, Manfrotto range. Here’s one to consider.

Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminium Tripod with Hybrid Head

There are, as I’ve said, a wide range of good practical tripods on the market. Manfrotto have always set the bench mark for excellence. Their compact ‘Action’ tripod is lightweight, portable and employs an easy to use pistol-grip mount with a precision three-way head.

This is a great entry level tripod that ticks the boxes; no matter what your requirements, there’s always room for a compact, sturdy tripod in your accessory collection.

This tripod is sturdy, easy to erect and ‘man-enough’ to hold steady a DSLR with lens in most conditions.

There are beefier, less compact, tripods available for more challenging situations; consider your requirements and check out the range.


Now, as you know, a camera on a wobbly, flimsy tripod can result in movement, and more than likely result in camera shake! That, causes blurring of photographs, (as you would know if you’d read previous articles). Sometimes, however, you’re ‘gonna need a bigger tripod!’ Or maybe a more cunningly designed tripod.

EDEN In tight situations the tripod could get knocked, or, perhaps be swayed by relentless winds, or, be unstably perched on adverse terrain. The whole idea of a tripod is to keep the camera steady and thus prevent blurring through camera shake!

The photo (opposite), of the Eden Project in Cornwall, would have been hopeless without a sturdy, well designed tripod that could sit motionless on rough sloping terrain.

Big tripods for big cameras and seriously serious photographers have always been an absolute ‘must have’. No respectable wedding, or National Geographic photographer, would leave the house, or country, without a mightily sturdy precision tripod.

The downside of big beasty tripods is the fact that they are big and beasty, devilish to lug around without a team of Sherpas. Of course, if you’re working in a studio environment then no problem; but do you really want to risk heart failure by lugging the dam thing half way around the country! Extreme photographers wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the challenge; the rest of us would rather stay at home.

Therefore why not compromise? Go for a mid-range tripod, very sturdy, with slightly longer extension and perhaps a more adventurous rotating head … One that your wife can carry without stopping every five minutes (let’s not be sexist and assume that only men can carry heavy things).

Here then is a mid-range tripod that even a man can carry!

Hang on!! Well having said all that, carbon fibre has arrived! What does that mean? It means that your dog could probably carry the dam tripod! Carbon fibre tripods are extremely light and very sturdy. So, introducing …


Zomei Z669C Professional Carbon Fiber Light Weight Travel Tripod

This carbon fiver tripod is not that expensive but, it is superb. The quick release ball head is so smooth, an absolute pleasure to operate. The head rotates a full 360%!

This is a fine example of a fantastic range of carbon fibre tripods; the tripod will take a full sized DSLR, and remain stable!

YES, even you could carry a carbon fibre tripod!

Please check out all the tripod options, don’t buy cheap if you’re seriously into photography; you also don’t have to buy a Manfrotto. Take heed of recommendations and always remember what your Grandma taught you … don’t look at me! That’s between you and her.

Nearly forgot, the Zomei Z669C breaks down to an almost pocketable size! And what’s more it converts easily to a monopod!

What’s a monopod? I hear you say; even if you didn’t say, I’m gonna tell you.

A monopod is the one-legged version of a tripod. Another underrated and underused piece of essential camera equipment. Basically, it’s a stick with a camera thread attachment on top.

Monopods can often double up as walking sticks/poles. Their telescopic design means they’re lightweight, compact and very effective for giving extra stability, and therefore clarity, to those tricky shots in low light.

Also handy for beating off unwanted admirers.

Monopods are generally not that expensive, starting from a tenner, or so, and escalating from the sublime to the ‘crikey!’ The red monopod pictured is a Manfrotto, available for around £40. Spend more or spend less, it’s up to you; but whatever you do, buy a monopod as part of your essential camera accessories!
Question; Have you ever heard of the Gorilla Pod (GorillaPod)? You must have! It’s quite famous; somewhere between Isaac Newton and Tom Cruise.


Here’s a picture to help. The GorillaPod really is an innovatively designed tripod that has an uncanny ability to bend and grip. Hmm, sounds slightly erotic.

There are several versions available, the one shown here is sturdy enough to take an SLR camera complete with a full zoom lens, that’s impressive! Make sure you buy the right one, lighter models are designed only to support compact cameras and will creak under the weight of a DSLR.

The GorillaPod is nice and portable and able to support your camera in seemingly impossible circumstances; it’ll contort and grip to tree branches, poles, fences … virtually anything. Or just stand it on the ground or on top of your car or … or … anywhere!

Absolutely fantastic for those spur of the moment selfies, close-ups and low light shots when the camera need supporting.

Inevitably there are clones on the market; be assured, the GorillaPod, by Joby, remains the best!

Another contender for the camera bag, or pocket, is the desktop/table-top tripod.


These are very small tripods, standing usually only a few inches, but, nevertheless extremely handy. As with all things the prices and quality of theses juniors does vary; as a general rule, if you’re intending to support a DSLR, then go for a sturdier more expensive option.

The tripod opposite is a Hawell Mini Pod made from lightweight aluminium alloy. It has a useful vari-angle ball head and angle adjustable legs. It is designed to take a DSLR within a max weight of 3KG. Furthermore the legs will splay to a completely flat position, meaning the pod can now be used to attach a monopod, thereby extending its height. Clever stuff!

There are numerous makes and types available, some have telescope legs, some, like the Hawell, adjustable heads and clever morphing features.

One thing is for sure, tripods, and their various spin-offs, will be around for ever and a day; there will always be variations, innovations and gimmicks; bags of beans or sand to rest your camera on, table and door clamps and how about an impressive Hague Dual Shoulder Camera Support Rig, serious, serious stuff!

Check out The Hague and all the other, shall we say, more affordable options.


Dslr Under 300


Digital cameras keep evolving every day and it makes it imperative that any person who is serious about taking professional images should try to go with this trend. Digital Single Lens Reflex camera has a lot of features to offer photographers or anyone who is interested in taking pictures all the time. Leica started off in 1849, which makes it one of the oldest camera manufacturing companies of the world. During the 20th century it dominated the market with rangefielder cameras, and now produces excellent quality digital SLR cameras and lenses. It is a Germany based organization and is most famous for its compact design of cameras which do not compromise on performance.

We have specific pages for the different types of Tripods that you can buy online: